Highland Lutheran Church

Events & Information


Please note:  Starting on July 5th, worship will be in the sanctuary with social distancing and recommend to wear your mask.

THRIVENT ACTION TEAM--Each Thrivent member is allowed to apply for two Action Team Cards each year. Each card is worth $250. Imagine what we could do if everyone participated! If you are Thrivent member, please contact Pastor Kurt for how you can use your action team. 

THRIVENT MEMBERS-- to designate your CHOICE DOLLARS, either call "800-847-4836" and state "Thrivent Choice," or on the internet you need to use this address: www.thrivent.com/thriventchoice and log in.  Remember you have to designate every quarter of the year so our Choice Dollars get to the group you wish to donate them to which our church is part of.

Highland Leadership


Rev. Kurt Bockoven

 2020 Council

President - Gary Halverson

Vice-President - Al Erickson

Secretary - Danny Dutka

Treasurer - Anna Jetson

Lyle Bjerke

Steve Langland

Joyce Bjerke

2020 WELCA

President - Karen Erickson

125th Anniversary Committee

Chairperson - Karen Erickson