Big Canoe & Highland Lutheran Parish


Due to the Coronavirus Crisis we have Cancelled all activities & Events.  Pastor Bockoven has a sunday service video under video so that you can continue hear God's Word through scripture readings and sermon.  There is still Sunday worship service at this time. 

Member Pass Away Information

Paul Arneson passed away on Thursday, April 16th.  Burial will be on Monday, April 20th at 11:00 a.m. at Big Canoe Cemetery.  Memorial service will be schedule at future date. 

Confirmation class will have a video conference on Zoom on Wednesdays at 3 pm. 

Mabel Food Pantry - This Thursday, April 20th, Scheie Lutheran church is collecting food and money for the mabel food pantry. If  the weather is bad, the boxes and containers to fill will be right inside the door on the rug or down the basement steps before the door is opened   Because of animals, nothing should just be left.  WE will have some totes with covers there. If you can't get in or have a question, drop the stuff off with Dode and Bob. The items will be taken in each Thursday by noon.  If there is a need for special things, that will be posted on the door for you to read.  We think this could make a difference for so many families.

Winter Cancellation Policy - Big Canoe has change how we notify our members if there is no worship service because of weather for this upcoming winter season.  If we have bad weather, we will leave a message on the church answering machine by 8:00 am that Sunday morning.  If you are not sure about service, please call the church office number (563-546-7974).  Cancellation will also be notified through KWWL, KVIK, KDEC & so on. 



Ushering has been updated by council for the 2020 year.  We are going to try something different.  We are adding all members on the usher list by family name.  Each Sunday a different family will be asked to usher.  Usher list will be posted by Christmas. 



Each Thrivent member is allowed to apply for two Action Team Cards each year. Each card is worth $250. Imagine what we could do if everyone participated! If you are Thrivent member, please contact Pastor Kurt for how you can use your action team. 

THRIVENT MEMBERS to designate your CHOICE DOLLARS, either call "800-847-4836" and state "Thrivent Choice," or on the internet you need to use this address: and log in.  Remember you have to designate every quarter of the year so your Choice Dollars get to the group or your church you wish to donate to.

2020 Council

President - Bill Stoen

Vice-President - Liz Schafer

Secretary - Amanda Stortz

Treasuer - Laurie Emery

Mike Onsager

Darrel Stoen

Sandy Gavle

Ben Wyatt

Council meeting will be on 2nd Wednesday of every Month

We have replenish our FTO impact coffee.  Bags of Gorunded coffee beans are on the selves in the entrance for 11 dollars per bag.  Come and ge your coffee!!!

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