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Each Thrivent member is allowed to apply for two Action Team Cards each year. Each card is worth $250. Imagine what we could do if everyone participated! If you are Thrivent member, please contact Pastor Kurt for how you can use your action team. 

THRIVENT MEMBERS to designate your CHOICE DOLLARS, either call "800-847-4836" and state "Thrivent Choice," or on the internet you need to use this address: and log in.  Remember you have to designate every quarter of the year so your Choice Dollars get to the group or your church you wish to donate to.

Confirmation Orientation

Wednesday, August 29th from 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm

Youth that are entering 7th or 8th grade are asked to come with their parents.  Find out more about Confirmation at Big Canoe.  We will be having information sheets, schedule, meal sign up & Acolyting sign up with how to do acolyting and so on. 

2018 Council

President - Mark Borreson

Vice-President - Mike Daughton

Secretary - Rita Hurd-Thomas

Treasuer - Laurie Emery

Jim Biederman

Mike Darling

Mike Onsager

Heather Vilardo

Council meeting will be on 2nd Wednesday of every Month

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